[JUL-9] Engagement Evening – HK Development & Transformation Series

“Discussion & Innovative Thoughts on HK Housing: Living Arrangement of Grassroot & Middle Class Living and the Solution thru Social Innovation Thinking”

Housing issues are the most important issues in Hong Kong’s people’s livelihood policies. All successive chief executives and governments have made this the most important policy arrangement. Over the years, various parties have proposed many proposals, such as the development of simple public housing, the development of the northern metropolitan area, land reclamation on Lantau tomorrow, various methods to speed up applicants to move into public housing, encouraging public housing tenants to hand over their homes, and subsidizing the sale of houses. Arrangements, etc., the government also regularly updates the long-term housing strategy, and various civil society organizations and think tanks also often make suggestions.

  • What are the core issues of living in Hong Kong?
  • Can each policy address specific problem areas?
  • Can the current policy arrangements be integrated to solve Hong Kong’s housing and housing problems?
  • Are there any innovative ways to improve the quantity and quality of housing, and use innovative thinking to make breakthrough proposals and practices?

Through this sharing and engagement, we hope that all participants can have deep communication, can be empowered by gathering knowledge, ideas and opinions, and together can act as think-tank and do-tank to create a development roadmap and better future for Hong Kong.

Insight Sharing

Lai-Shan Sze 施麗珊

  • Deputy Director, SoCO
  • Former Committee Member, Commission on Poverty

Event Detail

Date: 9th Jul, 2024 (Tue)

Time: 7:00pm

Venue: 5/F., United Centre, 95 Queeensway, Admiralty, Hong Kong


  • Sharing: Cantonese
  • Dialogue & Q&A: Cantonese, English & Mandarin

Remark: Refreshments will be provided at the event