Announcing New Co-Presidents of HKIOTA

Mr. Kinsen Lee

Mr. Sankar VS

Dear Members

It is my great pleasure to announce that Mr. Kinsen Lee, Founder of SparkLink Technology, and Mr. Sankar VS, Director and Digital Services Leader in Arup, will be replacing me as the new Co-Presidents of HKIOTA, effective 12th July 2023 on our anniversary day. May I humbly ask for your continuous support to co-define together the IoT economy in Hong Kong under the current adverse global economic situation?

HKIOTA is ready for a new adventure, starting with a new Co-Presidency structure which puts the organization into the best position of connecting with both Mainland China and overseas. The pandemic may have temporarily put us in hibernation when we only managed to organize mainly events by invitation such as the Proptech Thinktank Series in collaboration with HKSTP, collaboration discussion with the Hospital Authority IT Innovation Office, Global Sources, etc. Now, we are rejuvenated and are ready to carry our pre-pandemic momentum forward!

I am blessed to be able to walk closely with the board and all of you over the past years. Just before the pandemic, HKIOTA had arranged a lot of collaboration with world-renowned corporations in the field such as Alibaba in Hangzhou, who was launching unmanned stores back then, Fifth Wall, a global leading Proptech VC firm, etc. We connected with not only Mainland China, but also governments in other areas including developed and emerging economies such as Vietnam and Indonesia. We had been repeatedly invited to exchange views with senior officials setting off for helping our members tap into new global opportunities.

Now, we feel that this is high time we took these to the next level! With your support, we would continue to proudly serve our community. May I invite any of you who would like to step up joining force to contact our new cabinet as well?

Thank you very much.


Ernest Lo

Founding President
Hong Kong Internet of Things Alliance

Co-Defining IoT Economy

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