[28 JUN] Hong Kong ICT Awards – Smart Mobility Award


The Hong Kong ICT Awards aims at recognising and promoting outstanding information and communications technology (ICT) inventions and applications, thereby encouraging innovation and excellence among Hong Kong’s ICT talent and enterprises in their constant pursuit of creative and better solutions to meet business and social needs.

The Hong Kong ICT Awards was established in 2006 with the collaborative efforts of the industry, academia and the Government. Steered by the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer, and organised by Hong Kong ICT industry associations and professional bodies, the Awards aims at building a locally espoused and internationally acclaimed brand of ICT awards.

There are eight categories under the Hong Kong ICT Awards 2023. There will be one Grand Award in each category, and an “Award of the Year” will be selected from the eight Grand Awards by the Grand Judging Panel.


1. Building Hong Kong as a Smart City with innovative ICT applications
Mobility is essential if a city is to function properly, and is experiencing one of the most eruptive revolutions. Innovations in digitalization and alternative energies, established in previous decades, are unleashing their potential on the streets, forming the bases of smart mobility. Smart mobility is one of the core subjects of any smart city, it involves optimizing transportation, infrastructure and communications in order to consolidate new standards of sustainability, efficiency, safety and air quality. A smart city should be connected and citizen-centric to enhance interconnectedness of every aspect of daily life, bringing more convenience, better quality of live, and a higher level of city competitiveness.

The award aims to encourage the development and innovation of applications, leveraging the integration of Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence, big data and analytics, robotic, digital communications, intelligent transport systems, data platforms, as well as mobile applications, which will enhance the flow of people, goods, and tourists; improve the experiences of citizens and visitors; and enable smart mobility for a smarter Hong Kong.

The outcome will be the development of accessible, transparent, responsive applications and services which will (i) improve traffic monitoring, transportation accessibility and efficiency, road safety, and user experience; (ii) improve supply chain visibility, enhance distribution management, and the efficiency of logistics flows; (iii) improve visitor experience on accessing tourist spots, dining (food and food services), shopping and accommodation services; optimize the time, budget and comfort of everyone’s journeys.

2. Championing HK as a Hub for IT Talents, Creativity and Innovations
The award will serve as a platform to facilitate the dynamic and transparent exchange of expertise with renowned ICT professionals in the community, to sparkle and co-create innovative ideas, and to nurture technology talents.

GS1 HK will also nominate appropriate winners to participate at other regional and global awards competition. We hope that through these recognising and nurturing initiatives, it will further stimulate creativity.

3. Inspiring Local Industry Adoption
Innovation and technology are drivers for economic growth and the key to enhance business competitiveness. Award winning cases attest to successful implementation, helping users in Transport, Logistics and Tourism industries to understand the value of smart business applications, encouraging industry adoption, creating a mutually beneficial interaction between technology and business sectors. These lead to a sustainable eco-system of technology-driven new business paradigm which not only improves the daily lives of users but also brings jobs, innovation, and the creation of new start-ups with high-growth potential.Title

Award Streams

Smart Transport

Transportation is an important pillar for every citizen in a city. Smart technologies can be leveraged to improve transport experience and convenience for users, enhance traffic efficiency and safety levels. Connected vehicles, alternate fuel vehicles, autonomous vehicles, car-pooling, smart parking, smart traffic devices, intelligent transportation systems, upgrading airport into a smart airport through automation, mobility, personalisation and self-service are some of the examples of how smart transport can create a seamless, passenger-centric travel experience while minimising the impact on environment.

The objective of this stream aims at using ICT, location-based services, computer vision, etc., making mobility ‘intelligent’, improving traffic monitoring, transportation accessibility and efficiency, reducing congestion and energy consumption, improving the flow of people, safety and liveability, thus, enhancing the quality of life for citizens and contributing to a more sustainable environment.

Smart Logistics

Smart Logistics is about making the supply chain more effective, efficient and resilient. With connected devices, intelligent tools, automation, AI and data technologies, Smart Logistics brings end-to-end supply chain visibility and improves the way in managing the goods movement, inventory, warehousing, handling, packaging and security of goods between the point of origin and the final recipient, no matter whether the means of transportation is by land, by sea, or multi-modal.

It is expected to receive applications with solutions and apps which utilise different technologies like AI, sensors, video analytics, temperature & humidity monitoring, location tracking apps, AGVs, robotics, drones, fleet management & route optimization systems, etc. to track the real time status of cargo and goods along the supply chain or in warehouse, enhance the operational efficiency of logistics and warehouse management as well as solving the problems caused by the shortage of manpower.

The objective of this stream aims at using technologies innovatively to improve end-to-end visibility, increase cost efficiency & transparency, enhance distribution management, automate information flow, streamline and optimise supply chains and logistics operations, helping the logistics industry to reduce fragmentation and adapt to the fast changing landscape.

Smart Tourism

Smart technologies are changing consumer experiences and are generating creative tourism business models. Big data, mobile apps, location-based services, geo-tag services, facial recognition, beacon technology, virtual reality, augmented reality, web3 & metaverse, and social networking services are all cutting-edge examples of smart technologies enhancing tourism experiences and services.

Smart tourism allows tourists to better communicate and interact with cities to establish closer relationships with not only residents but also local businesses, local government and city attractions.

The objective of this stream aims at using technologies innovatively to achieve resource optimization, maximise competitiveness and enhance sustainability for the tourism industry. Also, to enhance travellers’ information accessibility and convenience, transportation, dining, shopping, entertainment and accommodation experience.Title

Prizes and Benefits for Winners

The remarkable achievements of the Awards winners (Gold/Silver/Bronze) will be recognised by customers, organisations, the ICT industry practitioners and across the community. Winners will be entitled —

  • to receive trophies (Gold/Silver/Bronze) of the Hong Kong ICT Awards;
  • to display the official logo of the Hong Kong ICT Awards in their promotional materials;
  • to participate in various promotional campaigns to publicise their achievements;
  • to be supported for entering into other international awards and competitions;
  • to 3 months free access to Lion Rock 72 (co‐working space in InnoCentre) or co-working space in Hong Kong Science Park Incubation Centre for SMEs1;
  • to participate in investment matching activities of the Hong Kong Business Angel Network (HKBAN);
  • to 3 months free access to Flexi Space in Cyberport Smart-Space for SMEs;
  • to receive Green Channel Interview (conditional3 ) offer of “HK Tech 300 Seed Fund” by City University of Hong Kong (CityU). The awardee will receive up to HKD100,000 in funding and other support from the programme (https://www.cityu.edu.hk/hktech300/about-hk-tech-300/hk-tech-300-seed-fund) (For Student Innovation category, only Stream IV “Postgraduate or above” winners are eligible) after passing through the interview; and
  • to free participation in some large-scale local ICT events (e.g. InnoEX) for marketing exposure.


1. HKSTP offers 1 free seat access to Lion Rock 72 in InnoCentre or co-working space in Hong Kong Science Park Incubation Centre for 3 months (assigned by HKSTP, subject to availability) to SMEs who are HKICT Awards 2023 Gold, Silver or Bronze award winners.

2. Cyberport offers 1 free Flexi Space in Cyberport Smart-Space for 3 months to SMEs who are HKICT Awards 2023 Gold, Silver or Bronze award winners. The number of flexi-desk offered to ICT Winners is capped to 32. Given the quota, flexi-desk will be offered on a first-come-first-served basis and subject to the availability. Winner shall submit application to Cyberport for the offered flexi-desk on or before 31 Mar 2024 after the announcement of results. Any submission after the deadline will become ineligible.

3. (1) Either one of the startup’s founders is associated with CityU, such as a student / alumnus / research assistant; or (2) The team could identify at least one CityU’s intellectual property (IP) for evaluation if there is no associated founder. (https://www.cityu.edu.hk/hktech300/cityu-intellectual-property)Title

General Eligibility Requirements

The applicant must have the intellectual property right and/or legitimate right over the ICT product/service mentioned in the application. The applicant shall disclose disputes any place over the world over intellectual property right about the applicant’s ICT product/service, if any, for the Leading Organiser to consider eligibility of the application.

The application must be submitted by locally (Hong Kong) registered entities (please enclose Company/Business Registration proof) or residents in Hong Kong at the time of closing for entry enrolment.

A significant part of the innovation, design, research and development (R&D) of the mentioned ICT product/service must come from resources in Hong Kong. The applicant should demonstrate significant value-add by the Hong Kong resources contributing to the success of the ICT product/service in the target market.

With the exception of the Student Innovation category, the submitted product/service must have been available2 in the market for at least 3 months or in live operation for at least 3 months at the time of closing for entry enrolment (please enclose proof – e.g. delivery note, invoice, public announcement, advertisement, internal announcement, etc.).

The same application is only allowed to be submitted to a maximum of ONE award stream among all the Categories. Any application found to have entered into more than one award stream will be disqualified.

Winning entries of the Gold/Silver/Bronze award in previous years of the HKICT Awards can enter the Awards again only if there is significant change or enhancement in the product/service, or for a new award category.


1“Residents in Hong Kong”, in the context of HKICT Awards, include both permanent and non-permanent residents. If an entry is submitted by more than one person, at least half of the members of the group must be Hong Kong resident. For the case of Student Innovation category, certification of Hong Kong resident status can be performed through certifying student status collectively by concerned educational institution.

2Examples are applications and products already in the market, application systems deployed internally in a company, and mobile solutions available at App Stores. For startup companies competing for ICT Startup Award, prototypes appear only on kickstarter or similar platforms are NOT considered as available in the market.

Rules & Regulations

  1. Applicants are advised to be aware of the best practice and case-based experience as promulgated by the Office of Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data.
  2. Applicants are reminded that any person who, without the permission of Steering Committee of Hong Kong ICT Awards, offers an advantage to parties involved in the Awards as a reward or inducement for doing any act or showing favour in relation to the Awards commits an offence of the Prevention of Bribery Ordinance (Cap. 201).
  3. To avoid conflicts of interest and the perception as such, applications for the Awards from sponsors will not be accepted.
  4. In case of any dispute, the decision of the Leading Organiser will be final and binding on all parties concerned.

Judging Criteria

Award CategoryStreamsInnovation and Creativity in ICTFunctionalityMarket Potential / Performance, Internal User Buy-in or Public AcceptanceBenefits and Impact Quality 
Smart Mobility AwardSmart Transport25%20%20%25% 10% 
Smart Logistics25%20%25%20% 10% 
Smart Tourism30%15%20%25% 10% 

Assessment Process

In the course of evaluation, assessors may require access to relevant information in the applicant’s possession and access to the applicant’s premises. The applicant will be notified in advance if such access is required. Any information supplied by the applicant for the purpose of the Hong Kong ICT Awards 2023 will be treated as confidential, and will not be released by the Leading Organiser and related parties without the applicant’s permission.Title

Application Procedures

1. Download the application form at Smart Mobility Award HERE

2. Complete the application form in typewriting in English or Chinese

3. Submit both hard copy and soft copy of the application form to GS1 Hong Kong on or before 12:00 noon, 28 June 2023. Applicants can refer to the Notes for Applicants on the application form.


Official Call for Entries2023.04.20
Deadline for enrolment2023.06.28
Adjudication 2023.07.12 – 2022.09.12
Categories’ Awards Presentation CeremoniesLate 2023.09 – 2023.11.08
Awards Presentation Ceremony cum Dinner (Tentative) 2022.11.08

There will be a Participants Briefing shortly after the closing of the application submission. Areas of attention for applicants will be highlighted in the Briefing. Past Judges/Assessors and winner will be invited to share their views and experiences.