[RSVP] Green PropTech Innovator Challenge 2023


The Green PropTech Innovator Challenge is Hong Kong’s BIGGEST PropTech competition proudly featuring a total of over 50 guest speakers, POC partners, investors and mentors from globally-renowned multinational companies (see below event poster for the complete list of partners). It is an incubation programme targeting talented higher education students and student-founded early-stage startups who are passionate about inventing and applying technology to solve real-life problems

Co-organised by Y.X Community and The Hong Kong PropTech Association (HKPTA), this Challenge enables applicants to attend a knowledge-sharing seminar and a tour of Sino Inno Lab to get to know more about PropTech in Hong Kong. Shortlisted teams will be paired with top-notch professionals to receive all-round mentorship support with HK$10,000 financial allowance. They will also get a chance to validate their PropTech solutions at the premises of world-class property developers, putting their ideas into real practice.

What’s more, winners will receive a total of HK$100,000 cash prizes and connect with at least 3-5 angel investors, having an invaluable opportunity to solicit up to HK$1,000,000 pre-seed funding and take their projects to the next level. It’s a once-in-a-life time opportunity that all tech enthusiasts and sustainability leaders shouldn’t miss!

Click the [Join] button NOW and form a team of 2-5 persons! You will then receive a private link for you to fill in registation form and submit proposal online.

THEME: Reducing Carbon Footprint

Applicants are required to submit a proposal (in English) online to outline their PropTech ideas and solutions under one of the below 5 categories namely:

  • Carbon Tech
  • Smart and Green Building
  • Construction Tech
  • Waste Reduction
  • Other Green Solutions

For details please click below PDF file:


Quick Application  (Mar-Apr 2023)

  1. Applicants who are interested in participating in the Challenge should click the [Join] button on this page for RSVP.
  2. Eligible applicants should be Y.X Community member and:
    • Current higher education students, OR;
    • From student-founded early-stage startups with no more than 5 years of establishment.
  3. Applicants should form a team of 2-5 people to participate in this Challenge.
  4. Applicants are required to submit a 5-page proposal (in English) and registration form online. The proposal template and form will be sent out to applicants right after this RSVP.
  5. During the application period, all applicants are eligible to join the tour of Sino Inno Lab and knowledge-sharing seminar to learn about the industry trend, ESG practice, fundraising strategies for start-ups, innovative proptech solutions and more.

Prizes and Awards

For all eligible applicants:

  • Join the tour of Sino Inno Lab and knowledge-sharing seminar.
  • Be invited to the press conference cum networking session to connect with well-established start-ups founders, angel investors, top management from real estate / banking / ESG consultancy firms / tech companies / educational institutions and more.

For 10 shortlisted teams:

  • Matched with mentors from leading property developers and multi-national conglomerates and receive all-round mentorship support. See above mentor list for details.
  • HK$10,000 financial support for each team to finetune their proposal and/or do simple POC testing with their mentors.

For Top 3 teams:

  • Cash prize: HK$50,000 | HK$30,000 | HK$20,000
  • Video highlights for Top 3 winners.
  • Eligible for POC testing at the premises of POC partners. See above POC partner list for details.
  • Project presentations to be showcased during prize-giving ceremony cum press conference.
  • Opportunity to pitch and connect to a minimum of 3-5 potential investors.
  • Potential to secure up to HK$1,000,000 pre-seed funding from angel investors.
  • Free entry to inspiring workspace at Y83.