Free IoT Advisory Sessions

Let’s co-define the IoT Economy! Come chat with us on IoT tech, trend, and biz models.

IoTA is offering free advisory sessions with experts ranging from IoT transmission protocols, data intelligence, system integration, manufacturing, to IoT business, marketing, and startup strategy.

Booth C53, Smart IoT HK

10-12 Ernest, Jeff
14-16 Kinsen, Sankar, Anthony, Kevin
16-17 Anthony, Phoebe, Black, Jeff
10-12 Sankar, Anthony
14-16 Michael, Black, Kevin, Sankar
16-17 Black, Phoebe, Anthony, Sankar

Our Advisory Sessions Experts:
Anthony Lai, Ecosystem Manager, Thinxtra Solution Ltd
Black Chiu, Assistant Director, Biz Development, Wise Ally Holdings Ltd
Ernest Lo, Founder, Future Impact Lab Limited
Jeff Au, Chief Strategy Officer, Incu-Lab
Kevin Lee, Solution Sales Manager, M800 Limited
Kinsen Lee, Director, Data Scientist, SparkLink Technology Limited
Ludo Depoid, Founder and Director, Tektos Holdings Limited
Michael Choy, Sales Director, EBSL
Phoebe Fan, Board Member, HKIOTA
Sankar VS, Head of IoT and Business Development, JOS